Are Vitamins Absorbed?

Q: I have read that vitamins aren’t absorbed well but that we need them if we are on a low-calorie diet. What gives?

A: I agree with you on both counts! Many of us overdose on vitamins that create expensive urine (especially too much vitamin C, B’s and other water soluble vitamins). However, your other point is well taken in that with a low calorie diet and soil depletion, supplementation is a must. Kenneth Cooper, M.D., at the Aerobics Center in Dallas, Texas suggests that supplementing with antioxidants (vitamin C, E, beta carotene), folic acid, and omega three’s (flaxseed or fish oil) may help prevent certain types of age related diseases (e.g. cancer, etc.) Be sure to take your vitamins with meals to enhance absorbability. Also some of your water soluble vitamins may be taken in different dosages through the day as recommended on the label.

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